Ich will fly in 2012 !!!

I just got the ok for my holiday in Japan. Now I only have 4 weeks to plan and book everything. Just in time, like always. Here the key points of the plan:

  • start on December 18. oder 19. to Tokyo or Oosaka (!)
  • return on January 9. or 10. Januar via Tokyo
  • in Tokyo: New Years Eve, visit of the Emperors palace on January 2nd, Dezome Shiki on January 6th (I am on the guest list)
  • also in Tokyo: visit of the Sky Tree, Yamanote Tour, visit of the Tokyo Jissha, and the Metrolitain Gardens still missing on my list.
  • Kanazawa and (mazbe) Amanohashidate

New: Maybe I will not start in Tokyo but be there  in the middle for a brief stop. After New Year I plan to visit some onsen. This list is only the start …

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