Fire Department

Beside Japan I have some other hobbies. I am a member of the voluntary fire department. This is also the reason for als the fire dept. pictures from Japan. Unfortunately there are pictures from me at the scene.

This fire was 2008 close to the train station. Lucky for me that I just came back from Hamburg and that I had my camera with me.

This was the backup team of Vol. Fire Dept. 26. They were waiting for nothing to happen. Because if the come into action, something went wrong. All respect to the people in the “second row” who cover the six of the guys in action.

And I really found an very old picture from 2007. This was a fire in a super market. Is was in charge (somehow) of ladder 4. I went up with the member of th professional fire department. But at the shift changeover his replacement never showed up. So I went up alone. Only the driver of the ladder supported my actions from the ground. It was a relaxing job. After that fire I nearly missed every big one in Lübeck.

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