My Block

Here are some pictures from “around my house”. Because it is located in the city center, it is also a tourist hot spot. But it is not my intention to write another tourist guide. There are plenty of those in the internet. But some pictures I want to show …

The Petri Church was the last church that was rebuilt after WW2. Most of city center was annihilated on an air raid in 1942. The reconstruction was finished in 1987. I was 11 years old at that time … I am old.

One big point of interest in Luebeck are the 5 big churches. Built in mideval around 13oo. These churches are master pieces of engineering and design. The Marien church has the highest arc built from bricks. It is 38,5m high. The towers are 125m high. (For everyone who knows the church: The Sky Tree in Tokyo ist 6 times higher !!!)

For engineers: The tower roof was rebuilt by using the Trautsch-Pieper-Method. It uses light-weight conctrete. This method was invented by Erich Trautsch and Klaus Pieper while there were constructing the power plant in Lübeck-Siems in the 1951. The light weight concrete is built from cinder, a waste product of coal-fired power plants.

Another point of interest are the old houses and specially the old houses in second row, the so called “Ganghäuser”. These houses are behind a big higger house that offers a passage to the area behind. In history house in the front was owned by trader or manufacturer. And the employees had a change to life in the Ganghaus. It was close to their work and provided a good living standard (for that time period) … And the employess were always under surveillance by there bosses.