High Water

The city center of Luebeck is located on an island, surrounded by the river Trave. The river ends 10km away in the baltic sea (a very nice beach area). Under certain wind conditions the water of the baltic sea is pushed into the bay of Luebeck and further into the river. Then the water level rises. Usually not much, usually around 50cm above normal. But sometimes it rises higher and starts to flood the lower streets in the northwest of the town. The streets are only 1m above sea level.

This happens usually two or three times in a year around the winter storm season. The people living in this area are aware of this and adjusted their homes and lifes to it. The ground floor does not has a carpet. Furnitures can be moved upstairs or are resitant to water. For sure, it is not convenient, but the old houses have that much style and charme, that you will make this sacrify to your life.

Like always, I prefer pictures taken at night. Btw… the picture above is no HDR and it is also not post processed. It is right out of the camera. A lucky shot.