Door 1 – The OK

Today I received the ok from the employment office. I can go on a 3 week holiday over christmas and new year. I already listed many ideas and selected the important holidays. During the last days I created a list with possible places I can visit. I read the complete Lonely Planet (more or less; I started this in June). Here the first key points for this trip:

  • Kanazawa .. one of the three perfect Japanese Garden;
  • Amanohashidate .. one the three famous sceneries; after that I visited them all
  • Kyoto .. to visit the temples I forgot in 2004.
  • Onsen with snow
  • 31.12. New Years Eve in a temple (maybe ringing the bell)

The list for Tokyo is also done:

  • Tokyo Jissha
  • the new Sky Tree (634m, viewing platform at 450m)
  • Jan.01 .. new year visit of temples and shrines
  • Jan.02 .. visit of the inner emperor palace and new year greetings of the Tenno
  • Jan.06 .. the fire fighter parade (dezome shiki)
  • the missing metropolitain garden
  • Sengaku-ji; the third well known temple; with the graves of the 47 ronin
  • Shopping

btw … The name of this blog entry (door 1) is derived from the tradition of the christmas calendar. In the december you open a door every day until christmas eve. I counted. The flights starts in 24 days. From now on I will open a door every day and provide you with more information about this 5th journey to Japan.

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