Taifun 21 und Taifun 22 im Jahr 2004

Während meines ersten Japanurlaubs kreuzte meine Reiseroute die Taifun 21 und 22. Hier die Daten, die ich von wikipedia habe. Ich habe die Text leicht gekürzt.

Taifun 21

Tafun 21 .. Meari (Quinta) .. Kategorie 4 (Taifun)
Tafun 21 .. Meari (Quinta) .. Kategorie 4 (Taifun)
Duration September 18 – September 30
Peak intensity 165 km/h (105 mph) (10-min),  940 mbar (hPa)

Late on September 18, an area of convection was spotted 510 miles east of Guam. On the 20th, Tropical Depression 25W organized out of this mass. [It] turned more westward and began to accelerate as it moved along the southern periphery of a warm-core ridge. On the 21st, the system was upgraded to Tropical Storm Meari. It intensified steadily while moving more northwestward. The system was upgraded to typhoon intensity by late on the 22nd. Typhoon Meari possessed a very asymmetric circulation, elongated a bit to the north and northeast. Meari became a strong 115 mph typhoon by late on the 23rd, [..]  reaching 120 kts/140 mph on the 24th [..] The Typhoon ceased movement on the 27th about 170 miles west of Okinawa as it became lodged between two anticyclones. [..] By the 29th, Meari was beginning its approach to the Japanese island of Kyūshū. Typhoon Meari made landfall over the southern tip of Kyūshū around midday local time with maximum sustained winds of 70 kts/80 mph. Meari weakened back into a tropical storm late on the 29th. The forward motion began to accelerate as Meari increasingly interacted with the westerlies. The system was followed until the 30th, when it became a nontropical low.

  • The highest wind gust: 118 mp, Kagoshima early, September 29th.
  • The lowest pressure measured: 975.5 mbar, Kagoshima, September 29th.
  • Three tornadoes were spawned in Japan (two in Okinawa Pref. and one in Aichi Pref.)
  • The heaviest rains: 904 mm, Osawe between the 24th and the 30th
    with 741 mm falling within 24h
Taifun 21 .. Quelle: NASA
Taifun 21 .. Quelle: NASA

Reports indicate that at least 18 people died with several more reported missing as a result of Typhoon Meari. The worst affected areas were the prefectures of Mie and Ehime in Japan where torrential rains caused widespread flooding and mudslides destroyed several homes. Train and ferry services were suspended, stranding thousands of people.[18] Damages from the storm amounted to $798 million (2004 USD). .. youtube .. Bericht der FAZ .. Sydney Morning Herald

Taifun 22:

Taifun 22 .. Ma-on (Rolly) .. Kategorie 5 (Super Taifun)
Taifun 22 .. Ma-on (Rolly) .. Kategorie 5 (Super Taifun)
Duration September 29 – October 10
Peak intensity 185 km/h (115 mph) (10-min),  920 mbar (hPa)

Ma-on formed from a cluster of thunderstorms in the vicinity of Guam on September 29. The small system eventually trekked west-northwesterly. [A] Tropical Depression 26W formed on October 4, and quickly became named Tropical Storm Ma-on. The system became stationary approximately 650 nm southeast of Okinawa, Japan. [..] On the 5th, a northward drift ensued while well southeast of Okinawa. Upon reaching typhoon intensity late on the 06th, Ma-on turned northwest and ultimately became the sixth super typhoon of the year on the 8th while 250 miles southeast of Okinawa. Ma-on started to accelerate northeastward and its eye began to shrink in diameter and became more ragged. [..] Ma-on made landfall on the Izu Peninsula, Honshū, Japan, late on the 9th with maximum sustained winds of 120 mph as a category 3 typhoon. Ma-on weakened rapidly and was downgraded to a tropical storm by the 10th, and quickly completed its transformation into a nontropical low.

  • The highest wind gust: 151 mph, Irouzaki, late on October 9th.
  • The lowest pressure: 964 mbar, Irouzaki, October 9th.
  • The heaviest rains: 413 mm, Omaezaki , between late on the 6th and 9th,
    with 360 mm falling in a 24 hour period.
Taifun 22 .. Quelle: NASA
Taifun 22 .. Quelle: NASA

The typhoon become the worst storm to hit eastern Japan in over ten years, only a week after Typhoon Meari had made landfall in that nation. The typhoon left at least six people dead, and three persons were reported missing. Plane, train and ferry services nationwide were disrupted, stranding thousands of travellers. Heavy downpours also disrupted practice and qualifying sessions for Formula One‘s Japanese Grand Prix in Suzuka, with the event featuring qualifying and the race in a single day as a result. Rescuers on boats plucked dozens of residents from waterlogged homes in Shizuoka Prefecture.[19] Damages from the storm amounted to $603 million (2004 USD).

Spiegel online .. ABC News .. Sydney Morning Herald .. CNN

Bei dem Taifun 23 (Tokage) war ich zum Glock schon wieder 3 Tage in Deutschland.

Taifun 23 .. Tokage (Siony) .. Katergorie 4 (Typhoon)
Taifun 23 .. Tokage (Siony) .. Katergorie 4 (Typhoon)

On October 12, an area of convection existed 480 miles east-southeast of Guam developed into Tropical Depression 27W. On the October 13, the system developed into a tropical storm. Typhoon intensity was achieved early on October 14 when centered 970 miles southeast of Okinawa. October 17 Tokage reached its peak intensity of 145 mph. Tokage made its closest approach to Okinawa late on October 19 Tokage made landfall over Tosa-Shimizu, near the southern tip of Shikoku, Japan still at typhoon strength. By October 21, the cyclone weakened into a tropical storm 130 nm west of Tokyo, and later that day, the system completed the transition to a nontropical low.

  • The highest measured wind gust was: 142 mph at Unzendake, Nagasaki, Oct 20.
  • The lowest pressure was 949.4 mbar, Okinoerabu, Kagoshima, Oct 19.
  • The highest rainfall [..] was 550 mm at Fukuharaasahi, October 17-21,
    with 470 mm falling within a 24 hour period.

News reports indicated Tokage was the worst storm to strike Japan since [..] thirteen years before. A total of 69 deaths were attributed [..] a total of 18,000 people were forced to evacuate their homes. Damages from the storm amounted to $3.23 billion (2004 USD).

Spiegel online .. USA Today .. BBC

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