Door 15 – Strike

It is Monday. And Monday is Murphy’s day. So the day starts with the overture to armageddon: The security personal on the airports is on strike. Without these idiots they have to shut down the check in of the airports. Hey, if you don’t like your job, quit. But do not stand between me and my holiday. I have a very short fuse.

Fist snow and chaos that shut down Frankfurt airport. From now on I will have a close eye on Hamburg and Schiphol. If there is trouble in the air, I will counteract. For now the strikes starts in the morning and end in the afternoon. If so, I will check in a day early and spend the night at the gate. 11 hours at the gate is not my idea of a holiday, but if I am in, I am in. And i still have the lounge access for a shower and breakfast.

Snow report: The northern coast has a half meter of snow; in the mountains 1m is reported. Hokkaido is close to the 2m. The area around Nagano too.

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