Door 12 – Obstacles

The is nothing new to report about the planning. I just need a day off.  But the topic of Japan is back on the schedule/the screen fast. At 9:24 I received a alert on my mobile: Major earthquake warning for Tokyo. The epicenter is at sea in front of the coast of Sendai. Tokyo will await a level 3 earthquake. I am online in a instant. A tsunami warning is already been issued; a evacuation order is out for the coast of Matsushima.


My first idea: It is 2011 all over again. The epicenter is very close to the epicenter of Marck 11th, 2011. The tsunami will hit the same coast area. Lucky that I will visit the opposite site of Honshu; Kansai and Chubu. But another 7,3 magnitude earthquake can destroy my plans. One interrupted train track and my plans will be washed away.


By the way. The snow level rises. Half of my travel route reports 20cm of snow. Nice. This is all I need. Tsunagi Onsen is still free of snow. I hope this will change. I hope that there are no surprises. Too much snow can be a problem too (Hokkaido is already reporting 1m), liked closed roads and canceled train connections.  But lucky that JR is not Deutsche Bahn.


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