Door 11 – Waiting

The route is set. The request are send to the hotels and ryokans in Oosaka, Kyoto and Kisodani.  The JRP is ordered and the money has been wired. No it is waiting. Waiting for feedback. There is nothing new to report.

A good time to write some lines about the upcoming blog: If nothing happens I will try to write a small report at the end of every day. And I will also try to post some pictures. The end of the day means 10pm local time or 2pm in Germany. The blogs will not win a Pulitzer Price. And the pictures are raw. I will take of this when I am back. I want to discover Japan and not sit in front of my notebook.

There will be some “blackouts”. There is no internet access in Ainokura/Shirakawa. I am happy if I have electricity. The house I stay is a world heritage. It even doesn’t have central heating. Looks like some reports will be online delayed. The same goes for Kisodani. There I will also be offline. But I will arrive Tokyo two days later.

I am waiting for snow, too. The last report is not that good. The red line is my travel route. At the moment there is only snow at the mountain tops. Only Hokkaido is covered in snow. Asahikawa reports 1m of snow (the two yellow spots).


I am excited how much snow I will see. Because it is the plan to soak in an onsen in the middle of nowhere covered in snow. I hope it will change within the next days. Today there was a weather warning for the northern coast with keywords like storm surge, high waves, gale and snow and thunderstorn. That reminds me, that I didn’t plan any backup days. This time there is now time for that. I stay not long enough in a hotel for that. Looks like all I can do is WAITING.

WetterwarnungThe actual weather forecast can be found under

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