Door 9 – JRP is ordered

I wrote many big tables and checked them several times. The 2 week-JRP in combination with the 3-day nonJR-Kansai-Pass is the best option. I never expected this outcome; not with all this non-JR-trips. Therefore the advantage to single tickets is small. $130 only. It is a question of luxuary, reserved seats and fast connections, but also spontaneous changes in plan.

Who wants to get some information about my destinations on this tour will find some useful information here:

  • japan-guide – A very good webpage that also lists bus connection to single attractions. Busses are not listed in Hyerdia. I believe that this webpage is better for non-backpackers than the Lonely Planet. The website lists the attraction of “only” 154 cities. This even is a lot if sort out ski resorts and hiking places.
  • JNTO – The official tourism information page
  • JPRail -A webpage that focus on train connections in Japan. Two years ago I found here all the information about the Hokutosei. The webpage has useful information about how to get from A to B.
  • wikitravel – I didn’t used it, but it looks quiet intersting.
  • specially for Toyama:

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