Door 5 – Fire Department

Another letter from Japan. The Tokyo Fire Department invited me for the Dezome Shiki. This this an annual fire figther parade that takes place all over Japan. Tokyo is one of the biggest. It provides a parade, some traditional acrobatic shows and a big excercise, including fire figthing, Hay Mat and rescue from a desaster area.

Dezome-shiki (Kanazawa)

The fire departments shows that they are prepared for every possible desaster: earthquake, taifun, tsunami, vulcano. The show there knowledge, their training and the special equipment. The have robots for fire fighting or rescue people. I hope I can take some good pictures. I you want to know what I am talking about, check youtube. Here a small overview. Looks like I have to bring a video camera.

I hope I get a good seat. At least I am on the VIP list. No joke. I have to report to the reception desk to be escorted to my seat: “Please let us know your address so we can put you on the list of New Year’s Fire Review visitors!”

Here is an other video from the Dezome Shiki, the parade o the fire trucks. This equiment really is an eyecatcher. Check out the lights of the truck at 13:00 or the big fan at 10:50.

[deutscher Blogeintrag]

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