The next round …

The change of my job is jamming my plans for 2012. The last option left is a tour over Xmas, but also this one is not sure. I am not amused. But, the job is financing the japan tour (until I am able to swap the dependency).

Die Eckpfeiler für die Reise 2012/2013

The planfor the winter holiday  still contains:

  • Toyko Jissha
  • a small onsen town in the mountains
  • a picture tour of the yamanote line

For a trip later in 2013 I have the following topics

  • Hiking in Hakone
  • Amanohashidate: one of the thre precious landscapes of Japan, the only one I wasn’t visiting until now
  • Tokyo Metropolitain Garden: the missing three from the list
  • Kanazawa: a old city center and one of the three perfect parks of Japan
  • Niigata ?
  • Fuji (the second attempt to get to summit)

Another plan is Okinawa. But this only as a reward for getting my master degree.

Tokyo Jissha

In Tokyo exist 10 shrines with a special status. The are called Tokyo Jissha. Three of them I have visited already. (Nezu Jinja, Kanda Myojin and Hikawa Jinja). Visiting all 10 shrines is a pilgrames. There some kind of pilgrames book. I wanne have it.

Tokyo Jissha
Tokyo Jissha

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