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Let’s bring some organisation into all the impression I collected in Japan. — seidenpriester started as a brief blog about my 4th trip ti Japan. After that I started to post the previous travles here too. The focus of all the entries was traveling to different places. But usually there was no space for all the stuff that I dicovered while walking down an ordinary street. The whole and complete experience is missing … Why do I like Tokyo? … Why are Japanese annoy us so much? … Where is the clash of cultures?

So I started to add some infomration by gahtering topics. This section will grow and grow. I created a small menu and they are created as a blog post So you can easily browse thru this series. There are already 10 blogs about Japanese architecture. Here is a small overview:

  • Fire Fighter in Japan .. Maybe you know my second hobby, beside Japan. It is the fire department. And of course there are some pages about fire fighters in Japan.
  • Food .. In Japan food is more than just nutrition. Every region has a specialty. Food is always presented with style, even in the smallest and cheapest soup kitchen … And, that is the second meaning of this posts: There is more than Sushi.
  • Onsen .. Taking a bath is not just cleaning yourself, it is something you can celebrate. It is a happening and taking a both in a natural hot spring is part of the Japenese soul. There are some rules to follow but they are easy. There should be no holiday in Japan without visiting an onsen and just a simple yu.
  • Vending machines .. They are erverywhere, literally. And they are so Japanese.
  • Signs .. Sings in Japan are soooooo different. And that is not because the use Japanese characters (Kanji), But the brain interprete Kanji like pictures and not like letters. It is true. A different part of the brain is used. Automatically with difference between japanese text and pictures does not exist in the brain. Additionally the Japanese are like big children, somehow.
  • Movies vs. Real Life .. Fast & Furious Tokyo Drift and Jumper were the reason for this page. First you think that they overdo a little bit here and there. But no. they don’t. Tokyo is always like the whole city is on speed. And then you discover certain things like leaving Ginza subway station and ending up in Shibuya.
  • Anime vs. Real Life .. Anime are sometimes very close to reality. There are streets in Kamakura where I said: Wait a second I know this road, there is temple around the corner. And sometimes I watch a anime and think: Wait a minute, there is no 7eleven in this street.
  • Architecture .. Tokyo can be explored in two ways:: Shrines and temples or old buildings and modern architecture and city development. The city has it all. It is like a big laboratory with city planner and designer.

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