modern architecture – Nagoya

The building as two sections. The lower section is the train station. Above there are two towers: The JR Central Hotel Tower (left side, 59 floors) and the JR Central Office Tower (right side, 55 Etagen + Helipad). There is a restaturant in the uppermost floor of the Hotel Tower. This is some kind of a standard in Japan.

Modern architecture is not limited to Tokyo, it is only one of the biggest hot spots in the world. If you travel thru Japan you realize that train stations are epicenter of urban development. You cannot see that in Tokyo and Shinjuku because of the density of the buildings there. But you can see it in Nagoya. With its 40 and 59 floors the station building is visible even from far away.

Mode Gakuen Sprial Tower
170m, 36 floors; 2005-2008; architect Nikken Sekkei

Next to the train station is the Mode Gakuen Sprial Tower of Nagaoya. Like the Mode Gakuen Cacoon Tower in Tokyo it houses a fashion school. Architect in charge was Nikken Sekkei. The building is with 170m (36 floors) one of highest buildings in Nagoya. It was built in 2005-2008. The picture is from 2008, right after the finished the work.

Spiral Tower and Lucent Tower

Nagoya Lucent Tower
180m, 40 floors

The Lucent Tower is with 180m (40 floors) the 4th tall builing in Nagaoya. On the panorama you can see he the 4 buildings stand out to the rest of Nagoya.

Nagoya City Hall / Aichi prefecture office

Away from the train station and next to Nagoya Castle are two older buildings I have to mention in this blog: Nagoya City Hall and the Aichi Prefectural Government Office. At both building the archtects played with classical japanese elements. The shape of the roof of city hall is like the shape of old temples. The government office uses the castle as a reference for its roof shape. The rest of the buildings is western style and creates a harsh contrast. The resulting tension between both styles is discussed until today.

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